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Juanita Chin, 39, became a property millionaire in less than five years. She currently owns RM5.6million worth of properties comprising resort condos, shop offices and office suites. She cautioned would-be-investors to be rational and not emotional. It is all about money and sense.

All her properties are in Penang and her first property was with a low downpayment of RM5,000. The property was in Gurney Drive. Chin said, “It was a balance unit. On the 4th floor. Facing a graveyard. Leasehold.” After the chatter of amazement eased, she added that she did research and discovered that Japanese community favoured living in the area and preferred the lower floors. The first unit was rented out and fetched a positive cash flow of RM400. She has since purchased two more units and is getting a total of RM3,000 in rental from the three units.

Some of the strategies that she employs include:
• Knowledge - the more you know, the less mistakes
• Leverage on assets – refinance properties for extra capital to reinvest
• Joint-loans with family members
• Know your banker
• Look out for discounts and early bird specials from developers
• Find a group of people and negotiate for a “bulk" discount

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