Running Man Episod 153


(Sulli [f(x)] / Park Ji Sung / Koo Ja Cheol)
“Captain Park VS Captain Koo”
ON AIR : 7 July 2013 (SBS TV Channel)
Running Man EP.153 English Subtitle
Guests : Sulli [f(x)], Park Ji Sung and Koo Ja Cheol
Location : South Korea
Main : Yoo Jae SukKim Jong KookHaHaKang Gary
            Ji Suk JinLee Kwang SooSong Ji Hyo
Mission : To complete all missions, To win in the nametag-ripping competition, To protect the princess (Song Ji Hyo / Sulli[f(x)])
Description : This episode is about Park Ji Sung’s captain (Old) VS Koo Ja Cheol’s captain (New). the playing games will determine the cast members that would be standing on the field along with celebrated players. They show their entertaining before going to China for joining Asian Dream Cup 2013 in Shanghai. This’s very interesting and entertaining. What’s happen when two of South Korea’s best soccer players meet in Running Man’s field? Who will be the winner (Captain Park or Captain Koo)? Please watch on Running Man EP.153 (English Subtitle).

Guest’s Experience on Running Man :
Sulli [f(x)] : 4th time – She joined in Running Man EP.55, 75, 129
Park Ji Sung (Football Player) : 2nd time – He joined in Running Man EP.95-97
Koo Ja Cheol (Football Player) : 1st time – New Guest

TEAM : 10 persons are splited into 2 teams
Green Team – Sulli [f(x)], Park Ji Sung, Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa, Kang Gary
Blue Team – Koo Ja Cheol, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, Song Ji Hyo

NEXT EPISODE : Sulli [f(x)], Evra [Manchester United], Park Ji Sung will be the special guests in Running Man EP.154 (Asian Dream Cup 2013 in Shanghai, China).

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[ENGLISH SUB] Running Man EP.153 [Part 5-5]


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